From the series: Strong Girls. 

Model: Nína Dagbjört Helgadóttir

One day I hope people will look at this photo and see a girl in safe hands but not just a white girl in black hands. 


Winner of the 14th Pollux award portrait catagory. For sale and for view in Fotonostum Barcelona in March. Price 1000€
*All my art photos are only printed 1/1


  • Winner of 14th Pollux award portrait catagory ( Exhibit Barcelona, Spain )
  • Selected for Memorable Portraits 2019 ( Exhibit in Venice during the Venice Biannale, Italy )
  • Selected for Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair 2019 ( Exhibit in Thessaloniki, Greece )
  • Selected for Storytelling exhibiton 2019 ( Exhibit in Hinterland Galerie, Vienna, Austria )
  • Honorable mention at Tokyo Foto Awards 2019, Fine art portrait.
  • Honorable mention at ND Awards 2019, Portait and People
  • Published in Good Light Magazine 2019, USA


Strong Girls Series: Girls don’t always have to be sexy and cute, don’t be afraid to photograph other characteristics of girls, because girls can also be strong, empowering, leaders and role-models. So let’s photograph them in that way.